Portal to VRML Town

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Recommended Runtime Environment

Plug-In:  Cosmo Player 2.1     available here

The graphics preferences should be set to Direct3D Renderer for best results.
The OpenGL Renderer seems to produce fuzzy stitching with the thin surfaces.
Force Software-only Rendering is fine but suffers from a poor frame rate.

Screen Shots

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Summary of Implemented Features:

- Light blue sky colour implemented.
- Four light grey roads.
- Three slightly darker grey cross streets with houses.
- Green lawns for the each of the gardens.
- Barratt style houses.
- Trees planted in the gardens of the houses.
- Thin flat base for the world.
- Town is explorable by walking around it.
- Implemented house architecture and style.
- Three similar house styles.
- Two types of trees.
- Houses and trees produced from primitives.
- Six different viewpoints.
- Different light sources (overall directional light and interactive house lighting).
- Inlining of library files.
- Transformations (most of the project’s construction).
- Animation of position and colour (house lights, traveling car and flying viewpoint).
- Interaction (house doors and light switches).
- Texture mapping of the three roofs of the houses.
- Web linking (used in the implementation of the teleport).
- Teleport as the heart in the third house’s back garden.
- Returning teleport as a stealth plane in the simple heart world.
- Use of an indexed face set to produce the roof tops of the houses.
- Three levels of detail implemented for each of the three houses (total of nine houses).
- Use of transparency for the windows of the houses and the blue 3D star.
- Discovery of a file format converter called Crossroads (heart, stealth, car and star).